Over the years, Mawarid Finance has built a healthy and well diversified portfolio of investments across a wide spectrum of industry sectors and asset classes across the MENA region. Mawarid Finance predominantly invests in growing companies with a proven track record in industries that are benefiting from the key drivers of economic change. We invest principally in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia but also consider other geographies on an opportunistic basis. We invest opportunistically in Real Estate, Hospitality and Collective Investment schemes.We focus on transactions where we can proactively work with other shareholders and the management to create value for the benefit of all parties. Whether the transaction is the provision of growth capital to entrepreneurs or a management buy-out, Mawarid Finance seeks an active role in:
  • Strengthening management
  • Improving business strategy
  • Optimizing operational efficiency
  • Enhancing capital structure, including the provision of Islamic finance
  • Unlocking synergies with other portfolio companies
  • Creating and monitoring divestment options

To submit an investment proposal, please send to an executive summary of your business plan. We do not look for lengthy documents. Please, submit a synthetic document that explains as candidly as possible the project’s merits and risks