Fees & Charges

Ujra Card Category

Category 1

Category 2

Category 3

Credit Limit

Up to 15,000

Up to 25,000

Up to 50,000

Monthly Ujra*




Annual Fee




Cash Withdrawal Fee

75 per transaction

Maximum Cash Withdrawal Limit

30% of the Credit Limit

Maximum amount per day for cash withdrawal

AED 10,000

Balance Transfer Fee

AED 1,500 per transaction

Late Payment Fee*

AED 150 per occurrence

Foreign Currency Transaction Fee**

2.50% of the transaction amount

Internet Card

1 Free per account

Additional Supplementary Card

AED 50 per card

Card replacement fee

AED 50 per card

Charge for disputing a transaction subsequently found to be genuine

AED 100 per disputed transaction

Liability Letter

AED 50 per letter requested

Clearance Letter

AED 50 per letter requested

Monthly e-statement


* To be donated to charity

** Customers can move from one category to the other, subject to getting Mawarid’s approval and paying the Ujra fee for the chosen category