Falak Tayyeb Loyalty Program

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Falak Tayyeb Loyalty Program

Introducing Falak Tayyeb Loyalty Program - the key to enjoying more from your everyday spends.

Earn Loyalty Points each time you use your Falak Tayyeb Credit Card for shopping, dining, gifts, holidays and entertainment. The more you spend through Falak Tayyeb Credit Card, the more points you will earn to convert to cash credits.

Earning is simple

Everyone enjoys something for nothing. Be it a surprise for your beloved or indulging in the moment of luxuries, whenever you will use the Falak Tayyeb Credit Card, you will earn loyalty points. 

  • Each 1 AED spend on retail transactions using your Falak Tayyeb Credit Card earns you 1 Loyalty Point. For international transactions, 1 AED spend earns you double - 2 Loyalty Points. 
  • Monthly Profit, Fees, Balance Transfer transactions, Easy Payment Plan converted transactions and Cash Withdrawals are not eligible to earn Loyalty Points.
  • Earned Loyalty Points from transactions/spends made on the Supplementary and Internet Cards will be credited to the Primary Credit Card account.
  • All earned, outstanding and redeemed Loyalty Points will be reflected on the Credit Cardholder’s monthly e-statement. 
  • Loyalty Points do not expire.

Redemption is automated and hassle-free

Redemption is designed to provide maximum convenience to our customers and to cater to your everyday financial needs.
  • Upon reaching 5,000 Loyalty Points, they are automatically redeemed for cash, credited directly to your Falak Tayyeb Loyalty Card.

    Loyalty Points AED Value
    Monthly Maximum Redemption 100,000 500 AED

  • Redeemed Loyalty Points will be deducted from your outstanding Loyalty Points balance. Un-redeemed Loyalty points will be carried forward for redemption on the following month.
  • Outstanding Loyalty Points are only redeemable if the Credit Card is operating (i.e. not canceled or terminated by the Cardholder or Mawarid Finance), is not fraudulently operated, and is current (i.e. there are no past due balances on the Credit Card).

Using the Falak Tayyeb Loyalty Card

We know that you really work hard to earn your money so why not be rewarded with loyalty when you spend it.
  • All Falak Tayyeb Credit Cardholders will be issued one (1) Online Prepaid Falak Tayyeb Loyalty Card. 
  • Cash credits redeemed from Loyalty Points will automatically be credited to the Falak Tayyeb Loyalty Card
  • The Falak Tayyeb Loyalty Card can be used for online transactions only.
  • Transactions made on the Falak Tayyeb Loyalty Card will not earn Loyalty Points.