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Mawarid Finance Celebrates “World Heart Day” under the Theme “Your Health is Important to Us”

Dubai, 29 September, 2015

Mawarid Finance, a leading finance company celebrated the World Heart day on the 29th September 2015. Medical checkups were carried out to staff at the company’s head office at Jumeirah Lake Towers and its Sales Office at IBRI House, Sheikh Zayed Road, in collaboration with NMC Hospital (as part of their Heart Screening Program offered to members of Dubai Chambers Association). Beside the free medical checkups health education sessions have been organized to educate the employees about heart problems and the dangers of heart diseases. The medical tests included general blood test, blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol. This initiative matches the company’s principles to create a healthy working environment, and supports the employees to maintain a healthy life style and adopt the correct measures/practices in their daily lives.
The NMC Hospital team provided a range of medical advises and recommendations on the best practices that should be followed for a better healthy life, two sessions were held one for ladies and the other for men, on the key measures that to be taken in order to live a healthy life style and how to protect themselves against diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The presentations included the early stages tests of the cancer diseases, how to adopt healthy food practices and the importance of exercise in our daily life. Leaflets and brochures from the American Heart Institute have been distributed to the employees, which contains valuable medical information.