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Mohamed Al Nuaimi “The UAE Martyrs are the Heroes of the Nation”

Dubai, 30 September, 2015

Mr. Mohamed Al Nuaimi, Managing Director and CEO of Mawarid Group, expressed his deepest sorrow and sympathies and extended his sincere condolences to the UAE leaders and families of the Martyrs of UAE who sacrificed their lives for their national duty in the battlefield, he affirmed his love and loyalty to the United Arab Emirates, he said “The UAE citizens and leaders are proud of UAE sons who sacrificed their lives for achieving victory to their nation”. He suggested that they should be memorialized by naming the lectures halls, educational institutions, libraries and public organizations after their names, and to place a profile of each of them in such places.
Rehab Lootah, Head of Credit Cards said “UAE shall continue to contribute with the ‏Anti-Houthi Forces in Yemen to clean the Yemen Lands from the Houthi rebels. Our martyrs shall remain the light candles through our life. The UAE shall give more and more youth who are full of the Emirates love, to fight for the peace and wellbeing of the Yemen Land and security of the region. This is evidenced by the determination of the injured officers, who show their wish to go back to the battlefield. However, this shall enhance the UAE determination and will to achieve glory to our country and nation. Rehab expressed her deep condolences and sympathy to families of the Martyrs and the UAE People and Government”
Fatma Bin Fahad, Vice President of HR Department, Mawarid Finance said: The Sacrifices of the UAE Martyrs positioned in the records of honor, and boosted the spirit of the UAE people, who determined to support their leaders at this historical time while contributing with the Saudi led coalition to fight the Houthi forces and protect their region. However, the Martyrdom of the UAE sons shall enhance the determination and will of the nation to continue until we achieve the victory. She added that the Martyr as mentioned in the hadeeth intercede for 70 of his family. The UAE is proud of its Arabism, and nothing shall prevent us from achieving our goals, we have succeeded in our other entire missions, and we shall achieve this mission successfully.