Shariah Compliant Finance in UAE

It could be for your child who plans to enroll into higher education, a wedding of your daughter, home renovation, or a new business venture – for any reason, Mawarid Finance offers stress-free Shariah Compliant finance solutions in Dubai, UAE. With the minimum requirements in terms of documentation and with the fast approval, your big dream can become a reality.  

At Mawarid Finance, we strive to look for ways to guide you and support through our personal finance solutions, which are designed in the light of laws set by Shariah.

The basis for Islamic finance is originated by the religion of Islam itself. According to Shariah, money has no intrinsic value. Muslims are not allowed to lend money and expect to gain interest which is also known as Riba. However, legitimate trade is allowed, with proper investment in assets.

To ensure that our offerings remain Shariah compliant, Mawarid Finance has authentic measures and a reliable committee of scholars who certify the products and services by issuing the Fatwa (legal opinion). 

Our Shariah Compliant Personal Finance Solutions

Mawarid’s wide cache of Islamic financing solutions has been designed to take care of all your financing requirements. We aim to be different, unique and ‘special’ in everything we do, and that’s why our products are aimed to serve the purpose of your convenience, at the same time being committed to upholding the principles of Shariah.

Our solutions

Easy to apply
Low Processing Fees
Quick approvals
Easy documentation

Moreover,  enjoy exceptional benefits
30 days grace period
Flexible minimum salary requirements
No early settlement fees
24 x 7 Phone Helpline Banking services

To apply for Shariah Compliant Services and Islamic Personal Finance, call us at +97143040888 or visit our offices to enter into a world of innovative financing solutions designed to be in harmony with your requirements and principles.