WPS Payroll Solutions in UAE

As a business, we know it is important for you to be compliant with the laws and legislations of the place in which your business operates, as well as being assured that your business transactions are handled in a secure manner. Mawarid’s Ojoor WPS Management solution provides enterprises with a safe electronic salary management system to process their WPS payroll payments. Our solution is designed to protect companies from the security hassles related to transporting cash for payroll disbursal.

WPS Solution Management

Our Ojoor WPS Management has been developed according to UAE Ministerial decree of 2009 on Protection of money, introducing a more enhanced financial security for salaried professionals.

Why Mawarid Finance for WPS payroll management?

Mawarid Finance provides your company with the finance facility to pay your employees salary conveniently and on-time. Based on the Islamic mode of Murabaha, Mawarid Finance lets you tailor a package that not only meets your business requirements, but also assists in improving benefits for your staff.

One of our specialist sales representatives will visit your company to verify your documents before beginning the application process.

Features of the solution:

         •   Fully compliant with UAE government’s Wages Protection System
          •   Competitive set-up and monthly fees
          •   Fast and convenient processing
          •   Full and comprehensive set of WPS services
          •   Wages distribution via two channels (Bank accounts & Ojoor card)
          •   WPS solutions (Ojoor cards) for your un-banked employees

Fees & Charges:

One time set up fee per trade license: AED 1,000 

  • Monthly processing fee per month per employee: Starting at AED 5 
  • Fee per salary information file (SIF): NIL 
  • Ojoor Payroll card issuance fee per card: AED 10