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Our Subsidiaries

Mawarid Exchange LLC (UAE)

Mawarid Exchange is a shariah compliant Money exchange company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mawarid. Considered as the first Shariah Compliant exchange house in the region, Mawarid acquired 90% stake in H&A Exchange in 2012 which was subsequently renamed as Mawarid Exchange in 2013.Mawarid Exchange has branches across the UAE. Mawarid Exchange offers diverse Sharia compliant products and services such as money exchanges, buying and selling of travelers’ cheques, remittance services in local and foreign currencies, sale and distribution services for financial instruments such as National Bonds and other permitted activities compliant services. For more details on the company and its products and services, please visit http://mawaridexchange.ae

Mawarid Consultancy LLC (UAE)

Mawarid Consultancy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mawarid Finance established in 2009. Mawarid Consultancy is a ‘one-stop-shop’ consultancy for Islamic Banking and Takaful. Mawarid Consultancy specializes in designing Islamic products & services and implementing seamless Islamic operations for startup companies and established organizations. Mawarid Consultancy aims to establish a wide client network base in the region through providing distinct operational services, business and technical consultation in the region through a combination of robust delivery process, people and technology. For more details on the company and its products and services, please visit http://mawaridconsultancy.ae

MFI Investments (UAE)

MFI Investments is a limited liability company wholly owned by Mawarid Finance with a capital of AED 10 million.

Established in May 2008, MFI aims at identifying, developing and realizing the promising and sharia-compliant investment opportunities offered throughout all sectors.

MFI, the investment arm of Mawarid Finance, represents an extension of investment strategies adopted by Mawarid Finance, with a focus on seizing favorable investment opportunities at the regional and international levels in those sectors, enabling MFI to benefit from those investments to achieve the highest return on investment.