Low Profit Rate Private Finance in Dubai

“Floosi” is a flexible short term financing product that provides fast, easy and short term cash solutions to meet your unforeseen or short term increased expenditure. Based on the Islamic mode of financing, this service is offered to UAE nationals and expats who are salaried or self-employed.

Receiving a private finance in Dubai enables
our customers to take full advantage of hassle free processes that do not request saving accounts or a high salary. “Floosi” is a personal finance required to meet the needs of clients looking for emergency funds. This finance is easily manageable through post-dated cheques or bank transfers.

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Entitlement for Personal Finance in Dubai

There must be an agreed contract between the lender and borrower, and the repayment guidelines must be agreed upon confirmation of the finance entitlement. Your credit rating is extremely important when applying, as your past performance and money management will be taken into account. You will be assigned a credit grade which will determine the amount and the lowest profit rate finance available to you.

There will be a specific set of documents required from your end. We can send a representative to your home or office for verification and processing.

You will need the following when applying for a finance with Mawarid Finance:

  • Passport with Visa page
  • Emirates ID
  • Bank Statement (last 6 months)
  • Salary Certificate
  • Liability Letter

Why personal finance with Mawarid Finance?

At Mawarid Finance we are committed to playing a predominant role in the social development and support of the government in structuring the cities future. We are an Islamic finance company that is built on strong grounds, based on Shariah Compliant financing principles.

Features of our finance:

  •  Facility limit up to AED 100,000.
  •  No salary transfer required.
  •  Get your finance within 3 working days.
  •  30 days grace period.
  •  No early settlement fees.
At Mawarid Finance, we understand that financial support plays an important role in your life. And that’s why we have a specialized team of Relationship Managers, who will provide you with a host of Islamic financing solutions and tools which are designed to help you succeed and prosper.