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Fraud Awareness

Mawarid Finance PJSC have put a number of security measures in place to protect your financial facility provided by us, but you can also help prevent fraud by keeping your credentials safeguarded through following the below tips:

  • Protect your PIN when making a purchase in store or online
  • Never lend your card or disclose your PIN to anyone
  • Memorize your PIN; don’t write it down
  • Make sure your PIN cannot be easily detected if your card is lost or stolen
  • Regularly review your transaction history and if you find anything suspicious, inform us immediately
  • Change your PIN periodically
  • Be careful about which websites you purchase from, and avoid storing credit card information online
  • Do not give anyone your Online Banking user credentials, and make sure you change your password on a regular basis
  • Remember to log out when you have finished using online banking services
  • Never respond to unsolicited emails requesting you to re-validate your Account & User information, or click on a link to a website that requires you to provide your account information or confirm your email address
  • Never respond to unsolicited social media chat purporting to be from bank officials offering quick financial deals
  • Be wary of opening attachments in unsolicited emails or downloading software, as they may contain malicious software that enables hackers to steal your security details and access your accounts
  • Always ensure anti-virus software, firewalls and other online protection security features are installed on your computers and kept up to date
  • Check your activity log on a regular basis to keep a track of your transactions. If you find anything suspicious, inform us immediately

Always Remember Mawarid Finance PJSC will never:

  • Send emails or hyperlinks asking for your confidential financial information or requiring you to confirm your account details
  • Ask for your Online or Mobile Banking username or password, your 3-Digit Security Code (CVV) on the back of your Card, your authentication Code/Smart Pass PIN or request you to call a mobile number in an official communication

Please remain vigilant, as fraudsters might message, call or use personal/fake webpages pretending to be from Mawarid Finance PJSC or Central Bank to ask for such information.

What am I supposed to do if I have fallen victim to fraud?

If you think you are a victim to fraud or received a suspicious email that claims to be from Mawarid Finance PJSC, please contact our Customer Service at +971 (0)4 3040888 from Monday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm (UAE time) and on Sunday, 11am to 8pm or email us on Creditcards@mawarid.ae


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