Business Solutions and Islamic Finance in UAE

At Mawarid, we understand that financing solutions play an important role in the success of your business. That’s why we have a specialized team of SME Relationship Managers who can provide you with multiple options of Islamic financing solutions. These tools are designed to take your business at higher levels of success.

We recognize the need for Islamic values, which are a major requirement for number of entrepreneurs planning to setup or expand their companies in UAE. To ensure the provision of viable alternatives in the market, Mawarid Finance constructed numerous Shariah compliant finance solutions for both expats and nationals in the UAE. 

Our Islamic Finance Products

Once you apply for Islamic finance product, Mawarid’s representative will get in touch with you to ensure that your company is eligible. Upon successful confirmation, our experts comprehensively calculate your repayments in the light of Shariah on the capital investment. An authorized scholar will review and approve your application in order to allocate the agreed profit share at regular intervals.

Mawarid’s Islamic finance model is not restricted to the people belonging to any ethnic or religious groups. It is formed for all nationalities who meet the core criteria of eligibility.

To apply for Islamic Finance Services, call us at + 971 4 304 0888 or visit our offices to enter into a world of innovative financing solutions which are in harmony with your requirements and principles.