Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Mawarid Finance we are committed to play a role in social development and to support the efforts of the government in the building the country’s future. We strive to balance our core business case with community needs in which we operate. Being an Islamic finance company, our strategy and operation are always driven by Shariah principles which by nature prohibit activities that harm the society, environment or bring any adverse effect to mankind. Our CSR philosophy encompasses Social, Economic and Environmental needs and our efforts go beyond traditional CSR philanthropic efforts. We certainly believe that CSR is not about random or intermittent philanthropic initiatives but a long term investment towards sustainability. We strive to demonstrate our commitment for integrated CSR through business strategy, day to day operation and organizational culture.

Tamaiaz and FalakTayyeb Award

The Award launched in 2008, is targeted at the promising youth of the UAE and is designed to encourage them to realize their full potential before going on to successful careers.The award with an annual budget of AED 1 million, launched during the company’s infancy stage is self-explanatory to showcase our commitment towards contributing to the development of the nation.

Dubai Chamber Sustainability Network

An action oriented business network to advance CSR in the UAE organized by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. Mawarid is an active partner of the group realizing the strategic important of CSR stewardship.