Purchase Finance/Credit Sensibly

Obtaining a Finance/Credit Facility from a Financial Institution is a big commitment. The applicants mostly do not consider the implications of the decisions they make concerning the principal amount, profit they agree and tenure of the finances they obtain, and find themselves in a stressful position as a result.

As a responsible applicant, the following should be considered:

a) First, ascertain whether applying for a finance is essential, or whether you are able to make your desired purchase out of savings;
b) Create a clear budget, factoring in all of your income and monthly and adhoc expenses. This will give you an idea of how much you can comfortably pay the financial institution as an installment after you've taken care of your other financial obligations;
c) Understand the total profit payable on a short-term versus long-term finance tenures;
d) Work out the total cost of your finance amount (i.e. the finance amount plus the Total profit payable and fees you'll end up paying).

How in Mawarid Finance PJSC, we help you to Purchase Finance/Credit wisely

At Mawarid Finance PJSC, we want to help the finance applicants make informed decisions about the finance amount, total profit payable and finance tenor given their personal circumstances. By purchasing the finances wisely to enable them to stay in control of their money.

We welcome our Finance/Credit facility applicants to contact our Customer Service team at customerservice@mawarid.ae to get an accurate idea of how finance amount, total profit payable and finance tenure may affect them - we are very happy to help!